Saturday, June 22, 2013

Telephone game

Do you know the telephone game? In scrapbooking? Someone starts with a layout or a card, sends a photo of it to the next in line and she lifts it. Then she continues until a bunch of scrappers has lifted from another. No one knows what the other layouts looks like. At the end all is revealed.

We did this funny little game at Scrapsisters Forum. And I started two groups with these designs. You can see all the results here.

Jeg har deltaget i en omgang telephone game på Scrapsisters Forum. Du kan se alle resultaterne her. Jeg startede to grupper og det har været super sjovt at se hvad det er blevet til :)

Happy weekend

Monday, May 27, 2013

Light at the beach

Today I'm part of a new post at and this is the project I made. Take a look and be inspired to use scraps in your home.

I dag er der nyt på Jeg har lavet hygge med lys og strandfund. Kig forbi og bliv inspireret til at bruge scrap i dit hjem.

Happy day

Monday, May 6, 2013

Online class layout

Today I blogged at Scrapsisters about an online class I'm teaching at this moment.
I dag har jeg blogget på Scrapsisters om det online kursus Jeanne og jeg underviser på i øjeblikket.

This sneak peak is a layout I made to NSD at Two Peas.
Og her er et sneak peak af et layout jeg lavede til Two Peas in a buckets national scrapbooking day event.

Happy sunny day

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sneeky peaks

A bit of eye candy in the shape of sneak peaks from my new online class (in danish) an a layout.

Jeg har lige lidt eye candy til jer i dag. Sneak peaks fra kurset "Mix it up" det bliver så sjovt - og beskidt ;)

I designed a sketch.
Jeg har skabt en lille skitse mere.

And made a layout to support the sketch.
Og selvfølgelig lavet et layout efter skitsen.

That's all folks.



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